25 thoughts on “WSOP 2009 – Best Donk Fold Ever

  1. james wilson has it right. you re-raise or shove with K’s, and if an opponent has the bullets – well, that’s life!

    too bad for him it was on national television a feature table!!! lmao

  2. wtf… was it close to the bubble and he really needed to get to the prize? Not that I agree with the attitude but that’s the only logic I would see in folding KK there…

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  4. What the hell are you talking about? Just never go allin before the flop and just go allin if you flop the nuts. Its not that hard. Poker is all luck anyway.

  5. Lol he put him on queens when he said that. That’s the only hand that would make sense.. TV makes people do weird shit…..like fold KK.

  6. He just said that because squeeze plays by complete donks in the WSOP ME really polarize their ranges to close-to-nuts or AJ+ 🙂

  7. So you think set mining with a moronic donk table presence wins you more money than getting 5bet all-in with TT when holding AA along with a table-leader status? Think again.

  8. “since you couldn’t call, it had to be a good fold… because you’re not throwing away aces or kings… right?

    lol, why would he say that, unless he suspected that he actually did throw away kings?

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