25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2006 $10000 NLHE Main Event Day 5 5/5

  1. Granted it was a huge score but this was the one and only time Eric Molina
    ever finished in the cash in a live tracked poker tournament.

  2. molina is such an asshole, no respect twards other players …..hes just a
    gambler …a poker player is someone who plays favorable odds ..a gambler
    is someone who plays against the odds …

  3. what punch of pussies, act like fucking men and go outside and throw some
    bows, they think they re safe to talk shit because they are at a card
    table, I would grab the guy by the collar and drag him outside.

  4. hey guys, molina is GAY!! Haha, that queer bag, I would slap the shit out
    of that little cock sucking prick

  5. Jamie Gold is a different kind of poker player than most of what you see.
    he relies on trickery more than on reading people, or knowing when to fold,
    or whatever. I dont know how anyone can say he’s a bad player after
    watching the 2006 WSOP. in the final couple of days, his play is almost
    flawless. he’s a card catcher, I’ll give you that, but that’s clearly not
    why he won.

  6. Why do so many people go all-in with shitcards?! Cohen goes all-in with
    king 8 off-suit??? That is the worst play I have ever seen.

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