25 thoughts on “World Poker Tour 4×10 Gold Strike Classic

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  2. Because he’s an inconsiderate douchbag, that’s why. He epitomizes mere arrogance, to an extent that makes me literally sick. If you watch him for a while, it’s clear that his tone is unmistakably condescending, not only to his opponents, but likewise towards anyone. Strategy is one thing, but Scotty’s behavior FAR surpasses the bounds of strategic play. It’s fine to be a great poker player, but being a dick about it in the process is unacceptable in my book.

  3. fuck you bau… losers… go stick ur asss with electrical engineshit ahahhahahaha.. who the fuck all in with pocket 10 losersssss

  4. I’m half vietnamese, but I despise Scotty Nguyen (and yes, I can pronounce it). After watching him forever, I don’t doubt his poker ability, but I hate him, nonetheless.

  5. I’m not being dumb. It’s legit way to play the game yes, but it’s low and dirty. Ask any poker professionals their opinion they would agree with me. Except that Scotty douche bag.

  6. that’s poker… people bluff and slowroll all the time it’s what makes the game beautiful… don’t be dumb.

  7. Great Win Scotty,
    A great personality for poker.

    Hopefully soon WPT, will say this “BUD” is for you, and it will be Marijuana.
    Only smoke Weed poker fans, Healthy and safe, or 100% sober

    God Bless

  8. anyone who wants easy money, this is what i do… just play a lot of 6handed sit.n.gos in HORSE 5dollar buy-in
    Fold every holdem/omaha hands and double up in razz/stud. most of them don’t know shit about 7card games, and by the time its back to holdem 1 might be busted already

  9. 1:25:30 What the fuck is this shit? In the middle of a hand? Unbelievable. Why does everyone placate his dumb ass? Scotty Nguyen is a piece of shit, plain and simple.

  10. Snap call by this stupid fucker. 58:30
    Besides his mistakes, he’s such a fucking dickhead to everyone around him. flamboyant, arrogant, cocky, and cutting with his remarks. I’m vietnamese, but I HATE him. With a passion. Dickheads like him deserve no respect, am I wrong? TU if you agree pls 

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