William Tonking on the Seventh List

In the game of poker, players are always looking for a chance to make their opponent waste their card, it happens to be one of the best strategy towards making your opponent clear all his cards before you so that you can play your favorite and strong cards at the end and come out as the winner of the game.

Over the time a lot of people have repeated this technique and hence it has gone viral and today experts from field can easily detect if someone is trying to make a fish out of you. Poker players can easily trace his game by his activities and then you can take remedial actions against to come back in the game.

William Tonking the amazing poker player has ranked up higher and he happens to be the rank seventh for this season. You are going to take a lot of lessons from what he has achieved over his stint at the poker table. He’s been doing really well and he talks about he identified the fishing players and how he countered them in order to leap forward and rank better than everyone else.

Some of the common techniques the experts will suggest you to save yourself from getting fished are listed as follows: –

  • The opponent is ecstatic even though he is throwing up all the cards that are just minor. This is the time when his is trying to make you throw all the heavy cards, he is saving his favorite and strong cards for the end, so be careful, save your cards as well. Make him lose his bigger cards by feigning a fake smile and by throwing the smallest card you have in a manner that makes him believe into your gesture.
  • If you are playing it online then the best of acknowledging fishy behavior is the availability of calls in an incessant manner which itself seems old and difficult. You will have to understand from the empty chat boxes and you will have to make it out from the incessant calls as well. Grab the chance and grow aware, do not get scrambled in these chances and end up losing all your income and points.