25 thoughts on “Wasicka v Gold – WSOP 2006 Final Table

  1. Jamie Gold proved that in a week in June once a year you can have 1 of the
    sickest run at the WSOP catching cards, catching flops and bullshitting all
    at the right times… and then piss away most of that money against real
    poker players in high stakes cash games.

  2. And then Gold went to play with the sharks on “High Stakes Poker” and lost
    about 2/3 of what he won in the 2006 WSOP! HAHAHAHA Donkey

  3. jamie gold is the worst player i have ever seen.the only reason he ever
    wins a hand is because he misplayes it.ive played w many players that dont
    know whats going on in the hand and thats what puts the other players
    off.over time they loose all the time. plus his deminer and style is
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo gay. any1 can win the lotto but dont pretend that
    it was skill

  4. The funny thing is, I’m not a Jamie Gold fan. I just thought he was super
    entertaining. I enjoy watching Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey and Daniel
    Negreanu. Wuv you too 😀

  5. Васичка охеренный игрок. Фишу Голду просто повезло один раз в жизни.

  6. @theyear2102 your right he doesnt suck, thats why he is broke now, losing
    everything he won playing poker. if you think gold is good, u clearly are a
    bad poker player too, and should give up playing

  7. @theyear2102 He obv knows how to play poker. His play is just a little
    unorthodox, and some people dont understand that. Also people like to hate
    other people that are successful, Justin Beiber for example.

  8. You talked me into it doesn’t translate to a call. After Gold flips his
    cards Wasicka still could’ve folded.

  9. im reading every comment….and people are just hating on jamie…. but i
    gues the man just won 12 mil…so haters pop out like weeds lol

  10. I’ve saw the whole five seasons of High Stakes Poker and, though i know how
    the game goes exactly, ivnt played yet seriously.

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