25 thoughts on “View on Poker – Jamie Gold’s great bluff at the WSOP Main Event!

  1. @aznguy11111 Jaime gold was the rich one after winning the WSOP.
    But he’s broke now cause he lost it all playing high stakes poker lol.

  2. @HaRaKiRix33 how are you yo say that??
    maybe youre a noob??
    you beat jamie easly jajajajaj looooooooooooooooollllllll

  3. @juliandres12691 loool ure a tard… i beat jamie easily as everyone with some brain could do imo if he watched him some time

  4. @Furthermore23 he is the best player in the world, fuck you bitch shut up ass hole.

  5. To all you Jamie Gold haters: watch the entire tournament…he was absolutely brilliant.

  6. The check by Gold was brilliant…amatuers like the idiots on here would bet it, but the check and the big bet made it look like he hit the ace. You guys on here hating on Jamie are retards.

  7. this was a damn awful fold, let alone an awful check by freedman on the turn

    these guys are both terrible.

  8. @Furthermore23 I guess you are one of them. Cuz He is pro, of course pro makes mistakes one at a time but it doesn’t matter, he played. And that other dude who folds, he did mistake. But maybe Jamie felt hes weakness telling him true. And Jamie played his luck. So what ever he is a good player. I can say that, you will never beat him in real poker. Even you say he is worst player.

  9. negreanu did a really good analysis of this hand just from a tells perspective, forget where I saw that. He said he was shocked prahlad didn’t call bc JG was tellboxing it up.

  10. First of all Jamie, by telling players that you’ll show them your cards if they fold means that you don’t want them to call. If they ask you if you got something and you say yes works the same way. strong means weak and weak means strong. checking the turn was a clear weakness from Jamie too.

  11. I’m in WSOP ME this year, most of time’s its not like this. Great TV from Jamie Gold. Frieman should have followed his gut.

  12. Yes to all youtube poker experts, who say that call was easy. Its all easy when you see the cards. Why didnt you play there? Because you got no money or you know nothing about poker

  13. gold blows. his strategy of limp and check/rr is obv to all the pros now. he tried to check and rr 4th street but friedman didnt pull the trigger

  14. @LVPmendo yeh but then a good player will raiae with a top hand, check the turn and then get paid off on the river. this situation really is 50 50 its so esasy to say what you would do when you can see the hole cards

  15. this is not a beyond difficult call, but not easy nonetheless.the chances he has a 5 or 2 in his hand are low, what would he be raising pf with? a2? doubtful. k2? no. a5? possibly. k5? no. higher pair always possible. his check on the turn is a huge tell. what does he think friedman is calling on the flop with? either aq/ak/aj or a pocket pair, simple as that. friendman should have bet the turn, without a doubt. kq kt kj aq aj ak is his range. if he CHECKS THE TURN AND LEADS OUT ON THE RIVER. hm

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