25 thoughts on “View on Poker – Jamie Gold and Sam Farha battle on High Stakes Poker as they hold KK vs. AA!

  1. jamie is such a whiney bitch. for you guys that don’t think sammy knew he had the best hand you guys are fucking morons. he didn’t take jamies money cuz he whined like a little bitch…and PROFESSIONAL poker player and sammy bets the river no doubt

  2. @VastExploration no way sammy was scared, sammy knew he had the best hand.. after what was said when the betting was going on flop dark.. and if jamie did somehow have a 10 he would of bet it all on the river.

  3. I think beggars like Gold shouldn`t play poker.. You have Aces Sammy!! stop taking my money.. few seconds later, Sammy i call any bet, i have a monster hand, i warned you.. such a dickhead

  4. Sammy does always seem like a cool guy – but I’m sure he was genuinely confused/concerned in this hand with the board pairing. He did not check it down ‘to be nice’, he just wasn’t sure if he had the best hand anymore. [ all in my amateur opinion 🙂 ]

  5. but jamie gold is stupid ! je comprend rien de ce qu ils disent c est dommage, mais il a l air bien idiot ce mec

  6. You need to watch the entire episode,when ever jamie raised ,sammy would say to jamie,you have a problem with your hand,and play with his chips.Lol I dont know these guys personally,but i think they became friends during the show,and with jamie saying ive got you beat,may have confused sammy,i mean he’s calling with QQ’s and KK’s.but jamie could easily have the 10.i think the last 30 seconds with all jamies talk,farha said theres enough in there,i’ll check.

  7. sammy shows that he has a heart but this is poker and he shud of got jamies 185,000 all in on the river.

  8. Jamie Gold is so unreal… He keeps going: whatever you do, I got you beat, I’m trying to be nice.. Then Sammy checks because he is ACTUALLY nice, and Gold goes.. I KNEW YOU HAD ACES… lol wtf?

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