Tong Sits In 121st Place in the POY Race

Recently Tong has achieved a great feat, by winning the second final table of the year. Having finished runner-up in a World Series of Poker $2,500 Omaha, he now sits in 74th place in the POY standings with 1,590  total points and year-to date earnings of $399,107.

At the final table Tong met the notables like Josua Pollack and Allen Kessler and managed to earn 350 points for his deep run. Due this achievement, he now sits in 121st place in the POY race. This has been indeed a great feat and it has earned him great fame over the online casino entity. He is more than happy with these historic feats and wants to look forward to.

Poker is indeed a sheer game of luck. Funs apart; there are lots of calculation and strategies involved in the games. Over the years the game has undergone several changes as per its rules and patterns in concerned. With the introduction of online casino the game is also becoming increasingly popular in recent times. The most important thing is that the emergence of poker tournaments and the declaration of the lucrative bonus all along have made the game widely popular. Today, plenty of players are playing poker and making profit out of it.  And with the progress of time, more and more people will join the industry.

According to Tong, to be successful in online poker one needs to be disciplined and resilient – though it would also be wise to learn how to play Casino Games at William Hill School.

“You have to have the patience and keep your emotion in control, remember you will not have the chance to see the face of your contenders. Therefore, you need to be tactful while placing the bet, for you can’t see the hand of your opponents”, he cited. “The more you will play, the more you will learn so do not feel half hearted over the failures,” he added.