The Player Who Bets for Wins

In the famed WSOP events, bracelet winners are known for resurgence and subsequent winning. Before the curtain fell for the Event 38, thirteen winners were back for the bracelet. These poker pros are always eager to build up their legacies with an additional towering performance and sharpen their skills. However, for George Danzer it is quite the opposite as he was only a newbie when he launched himself to the poker best player’s hegemony. The champions are typically knighted at the global platform poker events. He has also tried to recapture the bracelet but he failed, he is a player of fortitude whose moves are exemplary. But it’s a single event in 2014 that buttressed his prominence and vitality.

His victory suffused the poker world at the 2014 WSOP Event 18. He also managed 3 additional cashes and illustrated the endearing storyline of the year WSOP best player. He was the chip leader and went ahead to get another bracelet for his trophy case when he sailed through in the $10,000 buy-in 7-card stud better tournament. In his golden thread of accomplishments at the poker tables, one can intimate his moves are founded on perspicacity and wit. In the game he did play with utmost dexterity as he was facing a slew of WSOP golden bracelet winners’ opponents.

However, since his victory became eminent in the 2014 WSOP, he has not participated at other global main events due to his dedication for online gambling in lieu. His long time absence at live events may only be attributed to his personal decisions. Undoubtedly, this player’s moves are enriched with ingenuity. He also has clandestine winnings at the online poker games where his mettle is evident. One can only hope that he is online to garner a substantial amount for his jackpot, with his experience he can take down any final table.