25 thoughts on ““That’s Not Poker” – Jamie Gold


  2. Shit he had atleast 10 to 14 outs making him minumum 20% chance to win! snap call! depending on pott odds of course! and thats how you play poker;)

  3. @tranquility922 He is protecting his hand against all the possible draws out there. As bad of a player/person Jamie is, this is one of his good moments.

  4. this guy is a dink. for a free $5 sign up at Minted Poker dot Com and enter promo code MINISUPERSPACE

  5. alan dvorkis is a sack is shit anyway fuck him glad jamie gold went all in for his last 11k into a 10k pot omg i dont think ive ever seen that before what should he have bet jackass 2k? 3k? i hope this donk goes broke

  6. lol he was mad cus he got out played funny tho this gold guy is dum or it is just a show and he knows his pair is the best hand at that point

  7. JG puts all his whole stack at risk, overbetting to take a $9,400 pot w/ just top pair/2nd best kicker when there’s a possible straight out there. I dunno about that.

  8. Someone actually showed they know less about poker than Jamie Gold in a head to head argument. THAT is pretty impressive.

  9. That wasn’t poker, but it was most people’s poker. It was Jamie’s poker. All the other pros were like “pleaseeeeeee don’t tell him he sucks…we wanna stack his ass”

  10. @theman1819 Jamie never expected the hand he knew was drawing to get a piece of the board and therefore couldn’t know the strength of his hand. Given that Jamie was likely betting his high card or his opponent (on a draw) he was using his betting to put pressure on him. In a small sit and go with dangerous pros, you never do that. Anyone of them can sucker that out of him again if he has no poker discipline to make the right moves for the right image to play poker.

  11. that’s enough 2 Fours, 9 spades, 3 twos, would have given him a hand he knew he’d take down…a confident hand that’s his 32%. He knows those odds as well as the hole cam because that’s what he knows he’ll have to get to beat any hand not bluffing the pot. His true odds come in when you consider he was sure jamie would donk bluff against his draw, going all in on television for fun. He tilt and went back to being upset with jamie’s life rather than being upset with his cards or how he bet.

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