India Could Be The Next Poker Hub Says Mudgal

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Dhaval Mudgal is a well known name in the Indian Poker circle.

He is the one that has been most consistent performers on the circuit of Asia, Mudgal believes that poker is skillful game and luck or chance has little no impact on it. Its worth is same in a Poker game as it has in other forms of the game.

Mudgal started playing eight years ago as a hobby.…

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Jamie To Co-Host Poker Party

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There is nothing that attracts people more to a poker party than one that is hosted by celebrity players like Jamie Gold.

That is one of the names you will find in the celebrity poker party that is scheduled to be held at a private estate in Las Vegas. This celebrity party is part of Big Game Big Give’s event which will also have performances and other celebrities present.…

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Card Player Poker Free Online Game

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Are you looking for a poker game that is like a regular poker game played online poker game, however, you are not willing to keep the deposit?

Then the best option available for you is Card Player Poker. It offers free poker game that is legal and here a player can win real money as well.

All versions of Card Player Poker are open to U.S. players! And there are…

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Justin Zaki : An Enthusiastic Poker Player

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Justin Zaki is a poker player from the United States of America.

This poker player is described as a fantastic poker player from many of the known and very talented poker players. Player usually thing that this player is a good competition for the poker player as his playing techniques are very unique and he is a very sharp poker player. When he is on the table his main…

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Anti-poker machine reveals harmful effects of gambling

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Anglicare Tasmania has released an interactive map showcasing the amount of money people lost to poker machines all around Tasmania, in Australia.

The worst annual loss was experienced by Hobart’s outer suburb named Glenorchy with $20.11 million lost every year to the two hundred and seventy poker machines in that municipality area.
Meg Webb, the manager of Anglicare Social Action and Research Centre, told that pokies were manipulated to win and contrived for…

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