Steven Begleiter

Steven is an admirable character in the zone of Poker for the newcomers. His dedication, meticulousness and fun loving attitude are definitely most attractive attributes of his character. He is a fantastic personality and a person, who always learns from his mistakes. This is why he is amongst the great poker player in this earth. By professional he is a management and presently, doing a job as a Senior Managing Director in Bear Streams. The company operates in the insurance sector and compensates people in different aspects of life. His management abilities are commendable and it seems that he got inspiration from the real life to cope with poker field. In the year of 2009, he won an amount of 1.6 million USD from World Series of Poker (WSOP).

In the main event poker, he has clinched plenty of remarkable victories. He earned a lot from the poker table and distributed a slash of that in charity. This is why he is often termed as the robin hood of poker industry. As the member of November Nine, he entered the table as third in ships with an amount of 29,885,000. He is popular in the poker arena and often the crowd welcomes him with loud cheers. In 2009 World Series, WSOP Main Event, he performed greatly and stood 6th in this most prestigious poker event. Around 1,587,160 USD has been won by him in this very event.

He often comes in the TV shows, shares his knowledge of poker and analyzes different aspects of the poker field. He is truly an inspiration for the newcomers in this field. The way he thinks is smart and a clear proof of his immense meticulousness. Being stood 6th in the WSOP is a big thing and he is expected to clinch some more glorious wins in near future.