11 thoughts on “Poker Nations Cup Exclusive Preview – Jamie Gold vs Johan Ocklind

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  2. ‘about all he can beat is a bluff’, er durrr like Jamie would be value betting king high lol.

  3. “the smart play is to fold making gold think that he can bluff more so that wen he dos hav the big hand he can slow play it into gold” lol.. seriously, lol…

  4. He didnt call with “ace high” in his mind, he called with the “best hand”

    The texture of that board and Jaime’s check on flop and bets on turn/river meant Jaime had a Q or nothing at all, and it’s more likely he has nothing because of check on flop AND Q on river.

    Also, if he’s wrong, he shows Jaime that he’s willing to call him with ace high, which will discourage bluffing in the future.

    Either way, he gets a positive outcome from this call.

    Your comment is literal level 1 thinking.

  5. wow, jamie gold really has nothing going for him except the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. why isn’t he running his mouth like he always does trying to persuade players? are the rules different? or does he not bother because these are foreigners that won’t understand his bullshitting?

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