9 thoughts on “Poker Journey with WSOP Champion Jamie Gold

  1. jamie is an absolute joke and embarassment to poker he did not deserve the
    title…………guy wins 12 million then goes busto………spotted
    playing 1/2 a few months back in LA confirmed!

  2. @geniusjas87 : Haha, thanks genius! But you already knew that before Jamie
    said it! 🙂

  3. @raven2424 : Thanks for watching, raven! I met him at a poker charity event
    last week in New York CIty. He was a very stand up guy!!

  4. Jamie is the man. How was it playing against him? If you did go head up
    with him at some point.

  5. @ryantxq03t : He was very chill to chat with. I didn’t play against him
    since I was seated at another table. Montel Williams actually sat on his
    table. But it was a donkament though because most people at charity events
    don’t know how to play but know how to give away money 🙂

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