Poker celebrity

Jamie Gold was born on August 25, 1969 at USA. He is a high stake poker player and doing amazingly well at local casinos and various poker tournaments. He started playing cards at a very young age. During his childhood, he was playing with his family members only. As he grew up, he decided to visit local casinos in his hometown. He is a lawyer who has completed his degree from UCLA University. By the age of 16, he was working with talent agency.

His career profile is very interesting. He has worked several high profile companies as talent agent. At the age of 21, he became youngest franchised agent and business achiever. In 1994, he went to co – found a company when he was only 21. Only after two years in 1996, he decided to launch his own firm named as JMG management. It is not surprising that Gold has also worked with popular actresses in the Hollywood industry.

After some time, he decided to quit his career as a talent agent. Now he decided to become a television producer. In 2006, he entered to the world of poker in WSOP main event. He was a dominating player throughout his play. No one could stop him when he is performing at the final table. Hs nature is slightly different from other players. At last, he became a poker world champion.

Now he is looking forward as a professional poker player. He has never competed online with poplar poker sites in his poker history. He has also worked as a spokesperson in 2007. He won a cash prize of $2 million dollars at World Series of poker 2006. He is a neighbor of Chris Jesus. He is a poker celebrity and we would love to watch him out in future WSOP main events.