25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark S02E05 Golden Men

  1. Phil is doing more commentating than the commentator Shana doesn’t seem to
    know how to commentate. Phil: “Yack, yack yack’ Shana: ‘huuh’ ‘grunt’

  2. Leave it to Phil to talk more about himself than the actual play going on.
    He’s not even good anymore.

  3. I’m a little confused. Hachem had the button and was announced as being ‘in
    position’ but he was the one betting first. I thought having position meant
    being the last to bet. If he has the button, why is he betting first?

  4. Wow look at how uncomfortable the girl is next to phil hellmuth…rubbing
    her arm and palming her hands and feels chilly…she needs a big white C o
    c k ill lent mine…

  5. “It means he’s strong or he’s weak.” -Phil Hellmuth really strong tell phil
    picked up on there

  6. or she is intreigged by Phill or she is really just there for us to jurk
    off while looking at poker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. amazing how she says ah when phil explains here something about poker..she
    has really no clue what she is doing there so funny to watch…15:55

  8. Hellmuth is great commentator. He’ll definitely be more liked as a
    commentator than as a player. Even though he’s well respected as a player,
    he’s a far more gracious and humble as a commentator.

  9. I love it how Helmuth manages to sneak in there and get to talk on air
    about how he’s won all his bracelets in hold’em and has a pretty impressive
    resumé in poker. I like it, tho. Better than Ali. Commenting and some
    entertainment – he should always be there at these things.

  10. Wow look at the conversation between phill and this girl…at 19:00 she is
    so bored…i just watched this video because of her she is hilarious next
    to phill has no comment or words.for Phill

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