24 thoughts on “Poker After Dark S02E04 Golden Men

  1. whats up with the fat guy and chinese poker.. why isn’t the producer
    kicking him out the place.. just making fool of himself

  2. Raymer needs to take his Chinese poker and go away. Nobody wants to play
    and what the heck are you doing there trying to pimp for Chinese poker
    anyways?? Go home!! Go find a Chinese poker tournament!!

  3. I don’t know why everyone hates Jamie Gold. Raymer annoys the shit out of
    me. He needs to just tip his fedora and leave.

  4. +imnophd I’m guessing Chan wanted to give Jamie a chance to raise him, then
    he would shove all in with the JJ !

  5. Anyone else hear about Raymer’s recent sting by North Carolina police? Got
    busted trying to meet with a hooker.

  6. @14:00 Chan limps in under the gun with JJ. What do you think his game plan
    was there? To call a big raise if anyone else got cute and shoved all in?
    I’m still learning the game, but that move struck me as odd, especially
    since the previous hand Gold punished him for limping in in the SB. Was he
    hoping to get re raised? And did that move kind of scare the whole table?

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