Peters & Sow In Final 16 In The WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Main Event

The Day 2 of the WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Main Event was quite an interesting one as it took 11 60-minute levels to clear a field of 147 players to bring it down to 16. These 16 players will be back on Sunday to Casino de Marrakech to compete in the WPTDeepStacks title and the prize money for the winner is 1,000,000 MAD.

Fabio Pinho Damaso from Portugal is all set to grab the title as he had placed himself comfortably with 2,295,000 chips. He is far ahead than his closest competitor Kalidou Sow and Tobias Peters. Damaso was in the top counts all through the day and an additional surge in the final level has made him the sole player to achieve the 2M mark. He called a pot shove with king 10 of king-high flop 2 times against pocket 8s to achieve 2,295,000 in addition to the overall lead. Damaso may not possess a great resume of poker as yet, but Peters and Sow surely do as they are the two biggest names in the field currently.

Peters has been the 2017 WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year and on Day 2 of this year’s event, he had a sleep of only 3.5 hours. However, he got over his fatigue and achieved the 3rd place on the leaderboard. In addition, there were other players who made it through. Some of the names include Jean Montury, Mathieu Papineau, Yves Rolland, Francois Tosques and David Pecheur. The day began with 147 players and out of them, 55 was to go home with extra money other than what they had invested. Many players, including Mohamed Ali Houssam, Vincent Mansour, Lars Jurgens, Guy Taylor, and Parham Ahoor did not succeed in achieving a Moroccan flag. Now, there are 16 players remaining who are guaranteed 50,000 MAD and will be there to kick off on Sunday.