Men battle poker bot “Claudico” in an epic encounter, $100,000 at stake

Many poker machines have been created in the poker world but the so far no bots has been developed that is capable of beating a top poker pro in the realm of no-limit Texas hold’em events. Last week witnessed a battle between “Claudico” a poker bot with artificial intelligence from team of computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the machine was pitted against poker professional team consisting of Doug Polk, Jason Les and Bjorn Li, Dong Kim.

Aim of the competition was to test whether a poker bot with artificial intelligence can beat a man and the battle was aptly named as “Brains vs. AI”.

The competition between man and machine is slotted for the duration of April 24 to May 7 and it will witness poker players in flesh matching their intelligence with “Claudico” individually in heads-up play. It will be a chance to snatch $100,000 if they beat the bot and they will be playing 20,000 hands each. The match is also made complex by programming the machine to think and learn during the course of play and this would mean that the strategy that worked with the machine yesterday may not click today.

A week’s time logged already chances for Claudico is not looking bright as it had come down a combined total of 458,902 against the poker pros as on April 30, as per CMU computer Science. Let us have a look at the tally of how each player has done against the machine with A1.

Doug Polk had the most success as he amassed a winning of $400,368 in an epic battle with the machine, and he won $155,194 and $133,433 on April 28 and April 30 respectively. It was proved that Polk’s success was not a fluke as Li dominated the machine and was ahead with $272,479 in seven days. For Kim, Claudico proved a tougher opponent and was only marginally ahead to the machine with $14, 121.