Jennifer Tilly : Talent that makes her best poker player

Jennifer Tilly is most eldest player of poker. She is very talented player of poker and she is very good player and she is one of the inspirational player of poker.

She is of 56 years old she is in this profession since 30 years. She has played various series of poker. Recently new published on Jennifer’s lifer named as a poker player’s life which is published on 13th Aug 2014. She is basically from Harbor city from United States.  She has won total $785,619 in her career, 4 career title and 27 cashes in her throughout career till date.

She has played very nicely and every time she has been placed in 1st 25 ranks which is her best achievement. She has played in World poker tour and also in World Series of poker. She was actress also she has received an academy award for best supporting actress. Her best movies in which she has shown excellent talent are the fabulous baker boys, Liar Liar and Bound. She has won $289,011 casinos, 12 cash, 1 bracelet and 1 final table also in World Series of poker. She has won $189,500 casino and 5 cash in world poker tour. She doesn’t win any championship throughout her career.

She has recently played on 6th march 2014 which is world poker tour the game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em she has placed at 22nd place in this series and winnings was $42,550. She has turned poker player from actress career she comes in poker due to her interest her best game was played on 10th July 2010 in which she won 1 bracelet and which was played Bellagio cup VI 21st event she has been placed at 1st place from 54 players and won title of World poker tour invitational. She has won $124,455.