25 thoughts on “Jamie Gold Wins WSOP talks about online Poker

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  2. @dalkin1899
    Nice… Lets play 1 on 1 my FTP username is gigdu0471 =D

    And yeah
    Full Tilt just announced on their FB fansite that a new player should head on over to their web site, then make an account usin the promo code AMERICAS.
    Great trick to start with fast easy $ to improve your game with. Make a deposit and they DOUBLE it plus a few other sexy perks. Sucks but its only gonna work for the first 1500 players that sign up using this

  3. gold’s a fragle he’s shit at poker fucking lucked out in wsop the pros own him in cash games.

  4. @timhold0103
    Haha.. Ok I am going to hook ya up my FTP ID is millonvan1181 =)

    And yep
    Ya might have saw people talking all over their FB wall that you could now sign up usin the code AMERICAS at the Full Tilt webpage.
    It really is a amazing promo deal. Make a deposit and they DOUBLE it in addition to a few other sexy perks. Sucks but it’s only going work for the first 3500 people that create an account usin it

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  11. it’s all in his book, baby! He’s a degenerate gambler!

    (Seriously, he is — I pity his wife and kid(s) — seems sports betting was (is?) a more common occurence in his life than poker)

  12. sorry, hard to Google the above since I misquoted:
    (after she CHECKED IT DOWN ALL THE WAY vs. Patrik Antonius, when her JJ flopped a third Jack, Turn and River were both Kings)

    “(sigh of relief) I thought you had pocket kings”


    (priceless expression on Ivey’s face @ 1:49, WOW!)

  13. “the long run is longer than most people think” — some famous poker guy said this, it’s a reminder that VARIANCE is both a good and bad thing (i.e. playing against WORSE players means they chase poorly and suck out more often, but LONG term you win more from them than the solid players who fold when they know they are a 49% dog or worse).

  14. WOW! “in investing, ALL relevant information” eh? How about what the “market” (masses of people, all individuals) will do TOMORROW (or even 2 hours from now).

    In poker (esp. “stud” games where you can see the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th card of all of your opponents) u have LOTS of information available to u, and based on that u can determine with mathematically certainty what is the probability of your ROI (return on INVESTMENT). And playing against worse players increases that “certainty” 🙂 .

  15. oddly enough, now that I’ve “discovered” how easy it is to have a HUGE edge in one particular variant — Razz — I want to double-amplify my agreement that poker is NOT “gambling”, not as much as so much of life… It’s more like selective investment, with a long-term expectation of great returns (so long as you don’t let your emotions rule — hey it’s just like informed stock market investments, but I doubt CNBC or CNNFN will ever give Poker the same respect as traders and “speculators”)

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