Jamie Gold Vs Online Games

Jamie Gold is the man of the day whenever poker game is concern and the reason for this is because he is one of the best. The casino card game has made United States of America famous with exceptional players coming in the game over the years.  There have been lots of clamor for the American government to make online poker gambling legal by millions of fans and lovers of poker. This noble request was crashed by black Friday on the 15th of April, 2012 when the biggest online poker platforms were charged that is up to $3 billion against the big poker players’ sites like PokerStarts, UB.com and Full Tilt Poker and then AbsolutePoker. The reason for this was because of money laundering which eventually stopped the dreams of many Americans from making online poker their hobby.

However, great poker players like Gold have nothing to worry about as poker on final tables is where they have made their names. This is the reason why WSOP Main event in 2012 would be a place where no player would be left behind. It does not matter what has happened with black Friday because poker would still go on. Gambling in the crude way is what the table poker games is all about and Gold would not mind because on the tables, he is not going to be left behind in winning his games.

One day, online gambling may be accepted by the United States Government as legal but that would not Gold from making a positive impression on the games. Poker is either you win or lose which means every player is willing to risk but the level of risk is what makes the difference in a poker game. Poker is becoming interesting with lots of fun with real games even though the online games have been restricted.