25 thoughts on “Jamie Gold – Top/Top

  1. Because you’re not allowed to soft play? The talk between them indicates he’d have acted differently if he knew he had Kort beat?

  2. This whole segment is very clear evidence of collusion… I wonder what kind of agreement they had in place.

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  4. “Cmon black, we love black” Looks like shes had a couple of black cocks in her day

  5. Hey, but this was all after they were both all-in. So I don’t get what Jaime is talking about…

  6. I’m just not as confused by what’s going here as most people. It seems to me that Jamie gave that look to pretend to be faking a good hand, when he actually did have one. He read his opponent as not being super strong, but he wanted him to bet strong anyways, so he faked him out a little. Then he acted all upset to be nice to the guy. He OSTENSIBLY believed that his opponent didn’t understand his words and facial expression, but I think it was ALL an act, and IMOO, a legitimate part of poker.

  7. Other than ‘tournament rules’, I don’t see anything wrong with what Jamie is doing here. His opponent already put him all in. It’s not like he talked the guy into anything.

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