25 thoughts on “Jamie Gold – Still Bluffin’

  1. screw the hands if you know how to bluff, you own the game all the time. I
    would love to be able to work out an opponent like jamie gold

  2. joe hachem in 2007 has a 100th place finish in event 52 at wsop $4840.00
    and a 23rd in aussie million 48,000.00…raymer cashed 4 times this year in
    wsop2007 including the 50k H.O.R.S.E EVENT 14TH $103,008.00…and wsop
    event 20, 14 and 3 he finished 4th 6th and 131st…hachem did win the wpt
    classic on 12/19/2006 for 2.1+ mill..but raymer finished 25th in 2005 in
    the wsop main event $304,680.00 the year joe won it…add in raymer 2004
    wsop main event

  3. @dkny9954 although we all know raymer is better. The fact that he finished
    better the year after his win doesnt prove anything. You cant go deep
    without luck.

  4. I’ve always admired Jaime’s modest “I really don’t care attitude”. He is
    never full of himself (dispite winning the biggest poker tournament in
    history) and so far from anything remotely cocky, and I like that. He is
    always trying to get better at the game and admits to himself that he has a
    long way to go. Now wether or not that might be true it’s a key attitude to
    have when studying to become a world class player.

  5. dude greg raymer cashed the next year after he won the main event. he also
    averages 4 tourney cashes per year. he is a pretty good player.

  6. joe hachem is far superior to greg raymer, who hasn’t done a lot since
    winning the wsop. Hachem won a WPT title, greg hasn’t done much. On poker
    after dark raymer didnt play very well, whereas hachem lasted longer and
    played better

  7. hahaha…. if you don’t really play cards you shouldn’t be weighing in like
    this cause it makes you look foolish. Greg is a top tier professional and
    while I don’t know much about Hachem he doesn’t seem to be on the same
    level. Tip 1 : don’t be too results oriented.

  8. …and two years later he’s still bluffing with no tournament cashes since
    the 06 WSOP. Eventually the donk will bluff through $8m.

  9. LOL. If he were playing online he’d probably be running like 90/4/7 or some
    shit. LOL. Difficult to exploit, amirite?

  10. Chris Moneymaker made the Main Event big though. He is extremely overrated
    but he says that he is, and everyone else does. 🙂

  11. worried about overlapping events. as tho he’d go past day one in those
    events lol

  12. Winning the largest poker tournament ever gave Gold the biggest pot ever
    and since then he currently holds the record for all time cash won. I don’t
    think he deserved that title initially cause he got really lucky hands and
    did poorly on high stakes poker, but he definitely keeps doing better.

  13. How do u think people determine who is a top player… they look at the
    table, they were nice shades, or they put the points and money on the board
    to show it. A main event champion who can stand the test of time is one of
    great players of all time. A ME champion who doesnt is a fluke.


    Yes. Donk with $8. No WSOP cash means 0 skills. Totally agree. yeah.

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