25 thoughts on “Jamie Gold loses $40k in one sitting!

  1. he absoluely dismantled every table he sat at during the WSOp, he kept the pressure on and had some sick nearly angle-shoots maybe he deserves a skit but he was chip leader on every day and owned the tourney that year

  2. @culac Considering that on all of these sites, a card only gets randomly generated when it needs to be dealt, what you said is impossible.

  3. somebody already hacked the system and they know the next cards… i dont trust these sites at all…

  4. @PissdNitez69 And so what? It is just 3 hands from many thousands he played. Comon, people :o)Are you all so stupid too judging players from few videos? Even Phil Ivey making mistakes, but when he make a mistake, nobody cares, cause more exciting is, when he blufed someone. If you looking right, he is not play so bad. But his opponents are fishes. First hand Got only pair of Jacks and does not fold, even, when hiskicker is one of worst. Jamie isnt play best poker, but absollutly winning poker.

  5. @BraceletAccumulatrT2 He actually does play on Merge. He’s one of their sponsored pros.

  6. WSOP main event of 2006.

    Jamie: K-J
    Allen Cunnigham: 10-10

    Allen goes all in, jamie calls (pre flop) and hits one of his cards.

    Classic fishy !

  7. You guys know this isnt actually Jamie Gold, he doesnt play online. Its just someone trying to make fun of him.

  8. soo is this the session where he lost 40k? or is this another session? ur description sucks.

  9. Jamie you have a fold button…I suggest you use it. That board of 1076 was so obvious that Jamie had A10 and the other guy at least had a set or a straight. Guy literally plays like he just started playing poker and can’t fold top pair ever.

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