25 thoughts on “Jamie Gold – His HSP Debut

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  3. Jamie Gold reminds me of MIke, buth of them think they are unlucky. But in reality they just both suck

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  5. @booktaker yeah i just got unlucky against the best players in the world at stakes way higher than my skill level and maturity

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  8. And then there was tom dwan who took all the money that the pro’s took from Jamie lolz

  9. gold is a total dbag. hes a decent player AT BEST when hes playing optimally, but he can also be a total jackass. most of his big pot size raises or bigger are almost always the nuts. hes also a total luckbox to be honest

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  13. Lots of players on this show don’t play these stakes outside of television, and the ones who do play fixed limit or 100k cap. Jamie played regularly 10-20 at the commerce and bicycle (which isn’t exactly penny poker) before winning the main event. Talk trash about him if you must, but Jamie provides as much action as Sammy Farha and Daniel Negreanu. And that just makes for good t.v. I for one hope to see more of him in the future. Sincerely – Jamie Gold

  14. @PokeSpadez123 you are right, he is on a large descent and will never be lucky enough to ascend again in poker!

  15. jamie gold is obviously a descent player…he did get lucky but wanting to hurt him becoz of it is stupid.

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