Jamie Gold- A Brief History

Very professional games are still prevalently played, where one such game is playing Poker. Jamie Gold is a very professional Poker player, who was born on August 25th 1969 in Missouri. Having multi talents within him, Jamie is an American television producer, also a talented agent besides being a professional Poker player. Jamie very brilliantly spends his time by allotting his attention very cleverly to each of these above mentioned targets. Jamie Gold moved to New Jersey, and then he graduated from Paramus High School by the year 1987. He has studied Entertainment Law at UCLA. By the year 1991, Jamie got his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany.

Player as a youngster:
Having started his career by the age 16 as an intern in an entertainment business, he became a very professional talent agent by the age 21, and then he further moved into Management and Production. Having the history of playing Poker in his family both by his mother as well as by his grandfather, naturally playing Poker is in himself, from his initial days itself. Starting the playing of the game Poker as a youngster, Gold got his mentor who is Chan, where he trained him much in 2005.

Jamie started playing the Poker very comfortably, where he won his first major no limit Texas Hold’em tournament. Playing Poker tournaments thus flourished in him. His first very moment where he has won his first bracelet by playing against Chris Ferguson in 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event which marked his victory in the Series of Poker playing. He is a very important person of course, where he has a wish of creating a charity Poker tournament which can benefit people who turn affected with Lou Gehrig’s disease. He had a different style of playing Poker which is notable.