12 thoughts on “Jamie Gold: 2009 WSOP

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  2. hes pissed away most of his winnings already. he had to give half of his main event winnings to his backer and he was taxed 40 percent on his 5-6 million he had after. not to mention he blew over a million playing on high stakes poker

  3. jamie gold doesnt deserve his reputation imo, if what he says about charity events is true

  4. he’s actually been playing in the highest level cashgames for the last couple years and apparently he’s been doing pretty well. so i wouldnt quite call him a complete fish

  5. he didnt say the board was TJQKA….. he said there was a TJQ and a possible straight and possible flush and he had bottom set. What are YOU talking about?

  6. WTF is this idiot talking about? How does he have bottom set on that board without it being a full house or split pot with a straight TJQKA.

    He tilts me so bad.

  7. Jamie Gold’s stratergi is unique and i like to say he is one of the few people behind the revolution of poker.
    Keep doing what your doing ;P

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