Is Andrew Feldman trustworthy?

It is one thing to start throwing accusations around that you do not know if it is shorn of but accusing somebody if not be paying a $25,000 loan might be little farfetched. April poker player from the United Kingdom Andrew Feldman accused by another top poker player Sam Trickett of being an untrustworthy person because he has not paid back $25,000 loan that he had given him earlier so he could play in a tournament in Vienna.

News reports say that Trickett failed to include his name but now after the simple fact is not that any money back he started posting on twitter that the money has been stolen by Feldman. Trickett said, and I quote “I had money stolen from me by a well-known poker pro that I thought was my friend! If he doesn’t call me soon I am going to expose him for what he is.”

Feldman did respond to the tweet explaining that he was fed up and that he was sick and tired of being constantly wound up in Trickett’s scandal. Many people that follow Sam Trickett on twitter are outraged saying that he does deserve an answer why the money was taken or at least not paid back.

The only thing that you can find on twitter regarding these accusations is one tweet by Andrew Feldman stating, “I feel sorry for your kid. Enjoy all UR money make it last! Don’t play poker it though because you might cry if you lose it again.”

Poker heroes Jerry Yang and Peter Eastgate refused to get involved.

Basically, Feldman is denying everything that Trickett’s has been saying. What to believe might be in the eye of the beholder because unless you are there you really can’t make any judgment calls. You can keep on following this conversation on twitter to find out what does going to happen or if they’re going to court.