India Could Be The Next Poker Hub Says Mudgal

Dhaval Mudgal is a well known name in the Indian Poker circle.

He is the one that has been most consistent performers on the circuit of Asia, Mudgal believes that poker is skillful game and luck or chance has little no impact on it. Its worth is same in a Poker game as it has in other forms of the game.

Mudgal started playing eight years ago as a hobby. This overwhelmed him and he came to the professional circuit. In an interview he said, “My tourney to poker is not that long, I started playing this game just eight years back. I was introduced to this game by my friends who were studying at American universities that time. They started bringing this game back home. By playing with them, I instantly fell in love with it. And when I started playing it more, the nuances of the game pulled me in. I started studying about this game and realized that it requires math, composure and understanding of the human psyche.”

Sharing his views on the 2017 Poker Sports League, he said, “The league is accumulating great interest of players from all over the world as well as in India. We are extremely excited to play with a few of the best players in the nation.” He further added that, I personally feel on the paper, the Haryana Hunters seem the strongest and Rajasthan could be a surprise package.”

When asked about, poker future in India, he seems very positive and optimistic. He said India is going to be the poker hub in some years. According to him, “The scene of poker in India is growing at a phenomenal rate in spite of all the obstacles.  If the government of India removes some draconian restrictions and laws with regards to the poker, especially the law of paying 30 percent tax on winning amount”.