25 thoughts on “HIGH STAKES POKER SEASON 3 Jamie Gold

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  10. The description says “poker ace” Jamie Gold – what the fuck!?!? I think this was his only decent play of the season – freaking donkey.

  11. it is a boom, but if you know anything about poker, then you know that good players won’t go broke with proper bankroll management.

    u take losses and that is part of your budget, the rest of the time u are winning and usually end up net positive if you are good at playing in the right games (playing fish and worse players than yourself).

    and calling it a risky game? do u even know what u are talking about?

  12. well said. people don’t seem to realize that this is what WSOP has become with 6000+ entrants, luck is more and more a factor and skill less and less.

    this is why fewer and fewer true pros appear at the final table every year.

    not saying tourney skill is bullshit, but so much variance means that cash games are where players truly test their metal.

  13. yes u do, in tournaments the variation is so spread out, and there are so many horrible players that anyone in the top 70% can win.

    it is a near crap shoot. the more players involved, as it participant numbers swell each year, means that skill that much less a factor.

    cash games is where real skill shines through! and Jamie sucks on HSP.

  14. how much money have you made playing poker?? you dont win the world series and 12million $ not knowing what your talking about

  15. Jamie talking about getting one pot from Doyle… no, Goldie. In poker you play for the money, not for your ego. He didn’t do very well for either of those things in this game.

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  17. jamie gold talkin like he knows how to play poker is the funniest thing ive ever seen.

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  19. Is that the only thing that you know about Jamie Gold?Since you’re so readily available for his defense,maybe you should look GOOD OLE JAMIE UP ON WIKIPEDIA,make sure you read the (WINNING’S CONTROVERSY).

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