25 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker Season 3 Episode 4

  1. PS. It’s fucking scary how Daniel can pinpoint hands. A3 off-suite. Who the fuck can guess that? He always gets the hands right…

  2. Daniel is my new poker hero. Sheiky has the second spot after he almost socked Mike…well at least he broke his glasses…

  3. who can enlighten me as to why wasicka dosen’t look at his hands? i tried searching up on google but he dosen’t seem to be blind so why is he just feeling the cards?

  4. Jamie’s style is to play a lot of hands which increases the luck factor compared to skill. That kind of play works a lot better with players who don’t know you, thus he playing “bad poker”. It’s just a matter of the circumstances.

  5. lol, ive watched all eps twice..i know that song too fucking well too bro..i hear ya lol

  6. i love this show,i nearly watched the lot now(out of sequence) but that fucking song is getting on my tits!!!! and i almost found myself singing it the other day,i seriously need to get that shit out of my brain!!

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  8. Say one thing for Gold he’s a highly intuitive player and good at reading, you see this particularly in season5 HSP

  9. Gold is a idiot he cant play cash to save his life he wouldnt last in any casino.. He won the main event on luck alone
    calling with every hand …DONK

  10. all the pros are laughing at jame when hes talking about allen cunningham.jamie hasnt a clue about poker is a complete fish,easy money and the guys have no respect for him.allen is one of the best players in the world and only got unlucky when that puke kunt jame gold flopped a royal flush every hand

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