24 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker Season 3 Episode 2

  1. Why are Daniel and AJ bagging Gabe so much?? I know its for fun and all but its just annoying and I’m pretty sure Gabe hasn’t said anything bad about anyone

  2. whats $100 by 20,000 books, Matusow – “uhh that’s $200,000” Sheiky – “ahhhhh haha he’s such an idiot”

  3. I’d love to have enough money to play a high stakes poker game against “The Mouth” I’d bust his azz!! If someone wants to spot me enough money to play him, email me please!! Has anyone else noticed that every time Brunson bets, Matasow folds? cause he doesn’t have the balls to play him!! What an azzhole!! and I don’t think he’s an awesome player at all!! Give me $100,000 I’ll show him how to play!!!

  4. Mike feels all happy still because he bluffed two hands in a row last episode like he’s an awesome player but he played like shit this game. That’s daily stuff for good players.

  5. 34:52 “Play continues here but somehow I keep getting distracted. Not sure why” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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