25 thoughts on “Gold v Brunson

  1. Great fold by doyle, Jamie thought his hand was the winning one and doyle
    picked up on it. Just because Doyle folded the better hand doesn’t mean it
    was a bad play, his read was spot on and there’s not many hands gold would
    be that confident about which doyle actually beats.

  2. @bulldawgpoker959 but after all you are the greatest, and have won the
    biggest cash in a tournament in poker history also right? thats what i
    thought, looks like you are a UGA fan too, lawlz X infinity. douche.

  3. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Jamie Gold is a master at all kinds of
    strong moves. It is not in any way unthinkable that Gold was value betting
    his flush and at the same time, bluffing a little so that he could get
    Doyle off a better flush if necessary. To dismiss his abilities by calling
    him a fish is just plain nuts.

  4. It was a good fold by Doyle. He knew Jamie had the flush, and the only
    hands he could have beat were if Jamie had 9-7 suited (which he did have)
    or worse. When you consider Jamie opened with a raise pre-flop, it’s much
    more likely he’d be raising with QX or JX suited than anything Doyle had
    beat. I would have loved to see Gold lose some more though lol.

  5. why on earth did Doyle fold?????? only 2 spades and 1 of em being the Q
    could beat him. wtf??

  6. Later in the same episode while discussing the hand Gold seems quite
    surprised when he learns Brunson had a flush and says he didn’t consider
    it. Something to think about…

  7. No, but one thing Jamie Gold does do pretty often is a bluff/value bet
    combination. I think it’s more likely he did that here, than that he is
    some donkey who was overvaluing his hand as badly as some morons are saying
    here. I’d put my money on Gold over these clown any day.

  8. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyone who has seen this guy play
    more than a few hands knows that he couldn’t have overvalued that hand that
    badly. He was obviously overbetting on purpose. The main question, dealing
    with someone as unpredictable as Gold, is exactly why did he overbet. I
    don’t know for sure, and neither do you, but it most certainly was not
    because he is a fish.

  9. @bulldawgpoker959 im a fan of jamie gold, like OBVIOUSLY many aren’t for
    some reason. i dont understand why so many ppl are fans of Tom Dwan and not
    Jamie, Jamie was tom dwan before dwan was born. I am a fan of poker, yes.
    but i dont pick and choose the most popular facets to become a fan of like
    you do. I was born and raised and GA and i hate UGA and all their mindless
    fans..im a Tech fan and a Stanford fan, but then again im a basketball/golf
    fan something you probably have no idea about.

  10. I know this comment is 3yrs old but after watching the 2011 WSOP you can
    see that Antonio is on about 1 times out of 10. He was calling hands left
    and right and hardly ever came close.

  11. @donmajikjuan wow what the hell is wrong with you? are you serious? im not
    a bitch who just goes around following everybody. i never said i didnt like
    jamie anyway. and i said he was an ok player but hes way over rated. my
    favorite player is scott clements and im pretty sure hes not even that big.
    yeah he got 18th at the main event but before that nobody really knew who
    he was. but obviously im a follower and cant make my own decisions. get
    jamies dick out of your ass

  12. all of you who think it was a bad fold are retard. The problem here is that
    Jamie is so bad that he feels he has the best hand just cuz he hit the damn
    flush. There’s no way he was putting doyle on a flush of course. On the
    other hand, the bet on the flop by doyle and the flat call by jaimie, then
    the check raise on the turn was clearly obvious jamie hit his flush. The
    retard speeches jamie gives just tell the pros how good his hand is.
    Doyle’s read was good…

  13. I don’t think anyone in Poker or anywhere else could really be let down by
    Doyle’s choice. I mean, we are talking about a difference as small as 9 and
    10. That is the first time I have ever seen Doyle loose and probably one of
    the closest matches between two players. I’d say he is a pretty safe player
    usually, so, I think his move was the right one. Think about it. Think
    about how many people would have called. Playing it safe is usu better, no?

  14. i love how doyle never tries to get credit for big laydowns he just does it
    and gets on with it. <3

  15. ..just to add to that, if this situation comes up in your $5 tourny online
    or $2-$3 game at the local casino get all your money in after the turn

  16. @bulldawgpoker959 correction. HE’S TERRIBLE. He is also guilty of collusion.

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