23 thoughts on “GA 6.09 – The Riviera Hotel

  1. its vegas, hot fake sluts are drawn to cameras and A-D list celebrities like flies to shit

  2. I believe there will be two specials set in England in July and Season 7 will air in Autumn/Fall.

  3. Frank Sinatra would never invite such low class women to a party. He had Marilyn Monroe, Garbo…but those strippers??? Never.

  4. listened over & over sounds like “you got hurt again”, by dark voice listen carefully..

  5. The Whore’s and Vince Neil’s Old Ass ruined this episode for Me…………Plz GAC No More WHORE’S or Old Drug Addict’s!

  6. why they have to take so much people?! that sucks cause these girls are screaming around and just chatting and cannot shut up! don’t take hot blond chicks with you on investigations! 😀

  7. Thank u so much for airing this episode or I would never have been able to see it til who knows when. I do not have the Travel Channel. I was so happy to see Vince Neil for I am a huge MOTLEY CREW fan. I just wish those annoying girls would shut the fuck up so we could hear Zak better. But I still truly enjoyed it. Too bad Vince didn’t barf on one of those skanky bitches.

  8. Why does zack use these whores for his show… Pls dont destroy your show with celebs and whores man.. Do the investigation.. Get back to the basics

  9. Thanks for uploading mate 🙂 shame about the show, there is so much more talking now and not enough investigating, yes do some investigating about the history of the place, but don’t bring in celebs and as for the bimbos……., why ????? Just get down and hunt ghosts, like it used to be.

  10. the unexplained dark voice was ‘ole blue eyes himself saying, “they’re not old enough,” meaning the two on the bed do not go way back to the rat pack days….frank wants to see his old chums instead

  11. You have to remember that in the past Zak and the guys would provoke and they paid for it dearly. They are constantly reminded of the demons they took home with them. None of them will ever set foot in Bob Mackeys ever again. Zak doesn’t like to provoke anymore because of that. I am not a fan of this episode at all either. I don’t like Vince Neil and all the bimbos and other guys they have in there with them. They need to go back to the basics. They need to go to Alcatraz!

  12. love the show but they are starting to suck big time with the celebs and other guest it seems like they are doing more more talking and less investigating

  13. I love GA but do we really need “guests” helping with the investigation or giggly bimbos?

  14. The dark voice kinda sounds like it is saying, “they’re not on the…. (bed??)” maybe?? Or either it is a different language…

  15. The unexplained dark male voice sounds french to me. It sounds like :” J’ai pas peur de toi” = “I’m not afraid of you”. Does anyone hear the same thing ?

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