Focus on: Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold is a poker player from California, born in 1969, which is also a talent agent and a TV producer. His main performance at a tournament is from 2006, when he won the Main Event at the World Series. Right now he is both a professional player of poker and a production president at Buzznation, which is an entertainment company.

He started playing poker when he was young, thanks to his mother’s interest in the game. He really took off when he began working with two poker players at a TV show (Moneymaker and Chan). Johnny Chan started to teach Jamie Gold how to properly play the game and Gold learned quite a bit from him. He started playing in live tournaments in 2005 and he won one the same year, taking home a prize of $54,225. For the next year he manages to finish in the money 7 times at different tournaments from California. His strategy at the 2006 World Series was to pressure the other poker players, even more so if he was the last of the players which had to bet. He kept making players risk their chips and he knew when they bluffed. Eventually this strategy brought him the World Series Main Event title and a $12 million prize. Runner up at that Main Event was Paul Wasicka and there were 8,772 poker players taking part.

In 2007, he reached $12.1 million in winnings from live tournaments of poker, after just 13 finishes in the money and 2 wins. Gold was the first poker player that managed to go over $10 million in prizes from poker tournaments. The vast majority of his wins are from the World Series, which brought him $12,067,292.

After he had such a huge success at the World Series in 2006, he started to do both TV production and poker tournaments.