25 thoughts on “Ferguson Vs. Gold

  1. Love how Johnny Chan just comes over and gets Jamie’s hand spot on! One of
    the greatest players which ever existed.

  2. lol back in the days where they took 10 min decision time for 7500$ bet.
    Later on there were the big pots where it all went fast !

  3. can i keep this johnny? fergusons first taste of takin money that isnt his.

  4. @CribNotes LOL true. Why do you think thy invite him to these events, I
    would Invite him too. Easy money.

  5. actually moving all-in when the queen hits is a decent play i think, as
    it’s a tough call for ferguson for his tournament life when jamie has a
    queen a pretty high percentage of the time. it probably would’ve worked if
    ferguson wasn’t gettin such good pot odds on a call the donk play by jamie
    gold is definitely calling such a big bet on the turn with just a flush
    draw, when it’s obvious ferguson has a huge hand. jamie’s not even close to
    getting the correct odds to call there.

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