Faraz Jaka, A Serious Poker Player

Faraz Jaka is a United States poker player. Faraz Jaka is from San Jose, CA, United States.

Faraz Jaka started playing poker tournaments from Las Vegas. In Las Vegas hi played his first tournament, in which he was ranked 22nd and had won $14,445. After that he continued his playing in 2008. This year he played six tournaments. In the starting of 2008 he was ranked 1st in the years first tournament and this was his first time to be ranked 1st.  In this event he won $104,900. In other tournaments also his ranking was quite good. After that in the year 2009 he played more seven tournaments. This year he was not ranked first but his ranking and prize token was very well good.

After this in the year 2010, he played more seven poker tournaments. This year Faraz Jaka top earning was $95,000, which he played in Las Vegas. In the rest of the events also he played very well. After this in the year 2011 he continued his playing. This year he played more seven events. But this year he didn’t played very well. This year his top earning was $33,000.  This year he also played a many top level tournaments. After this in the year 2012 he played more twelve tournaments. This year also he played very well but he didn’t ranked first in any of the events. This year his top prize token was $755,000. This was also one of the top prizes he achieved in the poker world.

After this, in the year 2013 he played more ten tournaments. This year his earning was bit average except the one tournament in which he has won a good prize token $363,671. After this, in the year 2014 he played a series of twelve tournaments. This year made him lucky as he was ranked 1st in one of the events that he played and his prize token was $101,957 which was year’s highest prize money. After this, in the year 2015 he played three more events till now. This year his ranking and prize token is also good.