Did Jamie Gold Cheat?

Did Jamie Gold cheat with his special poker diet to win the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event?  The content of this special diet is what Gold has not revealed to the world and if he should do us this favor, maybe a lot of poker players would be champions. During the main event coverage on ESPN in 2006, Gold was quoted as saying he snacked on blueberries, which are considered an excellent brain food, throughout the tournament, so it is likely they will form part of these magic meals that netted him $12 million. Today, we are still waiting for Gold to give us the formula for this special diet that has made him who he is today.

Diet is considered as a healthy meal but how can a diet influence his ability in winning a game that is worth millions without cheating? Of course, Jamie Gold did not cheat during the game neither did he do anything funny that would mar his reputation with his supposed diet.  The game of the year is coming soon on November Nine, 2012 and we would be waiting for another player who would come up with another diet that would announce him as a winner.

Unfortunately, Gold has not replicated his success over and over again in the WSOP Main Event with his diet. Maybe, he is not able to formulate any diet that would make him a super-super champion. Who knows if he will be the winner of this year’s Main Even at Las Vegas. One thing is certain, there would be no diet that would be making news again because Las Vegas has become too hot for any diet formula. However, Gold can still come with his diet or drink if he is going to win another championship.