Circuit Grinder Wins $454k at NHLE event

The famous poker profile circuit Grinder has won $454k at NHLE final event yesterday. At the same time, Ben Sulsky was ranked fourth at $10k WSOP main event. His eyes are still looking for gold bracelet and WSOP title. But it was sad that Sulsky was not able to make the final title at WSOP tournament. There is no doubt that Sulsky is taken as one of the wonderful players in poker history. But his actions are not appreciable at big games. According to Ben Sulsky, it is very hard to fight with player’s specialties at big games. To make yourself different, you should more conscious and hard working for your work. Ben Sulsky is a wonderful player taking inspiration from legend poker profiles like Phil Hellmuth.

Meanwhile, Circuit Grinder has done an excellent game selection of $1500 NHLE main event. Finally, he was able to manage his victory at NHLE event and he is truly happy with his achievement. Taylor has also won WSOPC main even three times. He has also made several final tables in popular poker tournaments like WSOP and WPT main events. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also.

NHLE main event was started with total 862 players. When so many players are competing against each other, it is very hard to make even final table. But we can say, it was a lucky day for Circuit Grinder where he was not only able to make the final table but also he managed his victory at NHLE event. It is not so that he has won any big tournament for the first time only. But it is sure that he has added one more victory to his profile. You can check the score board for the top players online.