Jamie Gold- A Brief History

Very professional games are still prevalently played, where one such game is playing Poker. Jamie Gold is a very professional Poker player, who was born on August 25th 1969 in Missouri. Having multi talents within him, Jamie is an American television producer, also a talented agent besides being a professional Poker player. Jamie very brilliantly […]

TJ Cloutier

TJ Cloutier is an expert poker player from Richardson, Texas. He was enlisted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2006. Cloutier began a sustenance organization, yet it was not fruitful, so accompanying the closure of his first marriage, he moved to Texas to tackle oil rigs. On his off days he started to play […]

Barny Boatman

Barny Boatman is a dedicated poker player working great through number of years. Because of positive attitude, he has garnered much respect in the poker industry. He was born in 1956 in London and raised in the city. He parents wanted him to focus on studies but he wanted to experience the world instead. He […]

Hangover 3 Charity Poker series

In foresight of the arrival of the new parody “The Hangover 3,” Warner Brothers Inc. Pictures had a famous person philanthropy poker competition at The Poker Room of Caesars Palace last Friday, the stars of the most recent Vegas-based parody, “The Hangover 3,” will come back to the scene of their soon-to-be-discharged film on Friday […]

Circuit Grinder Wins $454k at NHLE event

The famous poker profile circuit Grinder has won $454k at NHLE final event yesterday. At the same time, Ben Sulsky was ranked fourth at $10k WSOP main event. His eyes are still looking for gold bracelet and WSOP title. But it was sad that Sulsky was not able to make the final title at WSOP […]