25 thoughts on “BodogFIGHT: Jared Padalecki of Supernatural vs Jamie Gold

  1. Well you can always play webcam poker and not worry about these rigged infested sites that are stealing your money. Ive been playing on pokerview! There is nothing like it I will never go back!!

  2. I love to see him outside of Supernatural..He is incredibly charming. Must be a southern thing *lol*

  3. He really is a puppy… a hot little puppy, a buff gorgeous hot little puppy.

    I love at the beginning when his finger is in his mouth. God, he’s just full of win.

  4. I love watching footage of actors in light moments. He seems down to earth and as always gorgeous.

  5. haha, it’s a fan thing – random curiousity. don’t worry, i’m sure it happens to ppl other than just the two of us

  6. I love him. He’s so awesome. my cousin has meet him once and she said that he is so sweet and charming and nice and so handsome in real life and I believe every word.

    Jared Rocks

  7. exactly, when mom and dad did it has an immense impact on your future…you ficking idiot. Numerology is for losers.

  8. Your birthday / your numbers in numerology has a great deal to do with your future. Jared is 7/19/19/82….he is a 7 with 3 tens…the 7 = luck…and the 3 tens represent 3 wins…like 3 diamonds. He also is a 7111…which means St Lazarus the saint with the 2 dogs licking his wounds. Which makes sense since he Jared has 2 big dogs.

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