Bertrand Grospellier

Hailing from a small town, Bertrand Grospellier was introduced to the world of internet at a very young age. This was when he started playing games and trying his hand at online entertainment. Once into the game, he would not think of anything else but would immerse himself and would keep on playing till he mastered his hand. He started his online game career with the game of StarCraft and he mastered it in such a manner that he could play this strategy game with his eyes closed. He began to compete at the world level and this made him a professional player in the circuit.

As he moved from one place to another to play this game, he learnt about poker from the other player of the group. He started his career in the field of poker by playing online games. This was his first step towards success and it made him a famous player just days after he started playing the game. Within a very short time, he was a face to be reckoned with in the international circuits for online games of poker. By the year 2005, Bertrand Grospellier started playing live tournaments and this made him a final table player within a very short period of time.

The very next year, he moved away from computer and started showing more interest in the live games as he saw more potential there. In the year 2007, he managed to finish at the second place in the EPT Scandinavian Open and this was a milestone in his career. There was no looking back from here and he started travelling long distances to participate in the poker events all over the world. He managed to improve his bank balance considerably and this made him a popular player in the circuit.