Anti-poker machine reveals harmful effects of gambling

Anglicare Tasmania has released an interactive map showcasing the amount of money people lost to poker machines all around Tasmania, in Australia.

The worst annual loss was experienced by Hobart’s outer suburb named Glenorchy with $20.11 million lost every year to the two hundred and seventy poker machines in that municipality area.
Meg Webb, the manager of Anglicare Social Action and Research Centre, told that pokies were manipulated to win and contrived for addiction. She told that they knew from their data that in Tasmania.
She told that they came to know from their data that in this Aussie state alone, the local government regions of Glenorchy, Launceston and Devonport have the dandiest denseness of poker machines and losses, so those communities are the ones worst affected.
Margie Law, the Anglicare Tasmania researcher, told that a poker machine in Glenorchy would take around two times the average earned in the area. A lot of poker machines in this state are in the lower socio-economic places.
She added that in the past, Glenorchy has had economic troubles, they have got a great long mile of main road as well as a lot of pubs and the poker machines into those pubs. Now, if you have any problem with gambling, you cannot go past Glenorchy without stumbling into a pub that does not have a gambling machine.
According to reports, Tasmanian Government is thinking of the future of gaming laws as Federal Group is seeking to stretch their exclusive monopoly contract beyond the year 2023.