A Victor of Largest Cash Rewards

As a victor, Jamie Gold is always adorned for his largest cash rewards in the events of televised sports as $12 million prize money for the championship in the World Series of Poker of 2006 Main Event. After his outstanding records, Jamie Gold played with various grand personalities of poker world. Adjoining with 8,772 performers over the 11 arduous days, Jamie Gold instantaneously formed himself as the star of Poker game in which he confronted with various faces of this game. He has been taught by his grandfather who was also the winner of World Series of Poker and who played in the poker events for a lifelong phase of his life. Jami Gold, whose name still exists in the world of Poker for his amazing performances in which he grabbed more than $100 cashes ahead of formulating a gigantic score.

Followed by Jamie Gold’s life which has whirl winded over the magazines covers for the articles publication and hundreds of television appearances shows in which he graded  like “High Poker Stake”, “Poker after dark” of NBC, “National Heads Up battles” and “World Series of Poker” of ESPN, Jamie Gold emerged as the professional player of Poker game. Adjoining with various professionals of poker world, Jamie Gold has started in somewhere else such as a talent legend which has integrated with J. Michael Bloom.

After turning his face towards the Las Angels in the age of 21, Jamie Gold had worked in a management company of Gold Bouchard who was a very successful entrepreneur and has boasted the eminent clients like James Ganolini, Felicity Huffman and Jimmy Fallon. Even though, Jamie Gold grabbed the records of centuries in the various championships and tournaments of World Series of Poker Main Events and World Poker Tour.